Thanksgiving is officially one week away! Next week at this time, people all over the country will be putting on their stretchy pants and preparing to eat until they feel like they might actually explode.

We all love talking about our favorite Thanksgiving foods (mine is mashed potatoes), but what about the foods that we absolutely HATE? The Daring Kitchen explored those foods with a new map titled, “The Most Hated Thanksgiving Food Across the U.S.” 

According to the map, cranberry sauce is the overall most hated Thanksgiving food, coming in first place in 17 different states. I think exactly one person in my family likes cranberry sauce, so this comes as no surprise to me. Honestly, I don't understand why we even bother serving it! What does surprise me, though, is the fact that Iowa did not choose cranberry sauce. Actually, a lot of the Midwest chose a different food... green bean casserole. Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, and seven other states went with green bean casserole as their top answer, which I guess I understand. I'm not trying to eat vegetables on Thanksgiving. But, if you make it right, it CAN be delicious. I prefer to top mine with a layer of tater tots instead of those crispy onion straws.

Other foods to make the "most hated" list include turkey in three states, pumpkin pie in three states, sweet potatoes in six states, and stuffing in nine states.

What's your least favorite Thanksgiving food? Share yours in the comments!

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