When you're a kid, Christmas is all about things you WANT. When you're an adult, it's more about things you NEED.

A few weeks ago, my mom asked me to send over my Christmas list for this year. After looking it over, I realized that there were hardly any "fun" items on it. It's filled with things I need, like new shoes, razor heads, bras, chapstick, and contact lenses. I actually threw in a Nintendo Switch game, just to make it more interesting. Other than that, I'd say the only other fun item on the list is an air fryer. Who would've thought that one day I'd consider a new kitchen appliance "fun?!"

As I've gotten older, I've realized that there are certain necessities that I hate spending my own money on. Those are now the things I put on my Christmas list each year. This year has been especially difficult financially for most people thanks to the pandemic and the derecho, so I imagine that there are even more "boring" Christmas lists than usual.

This morning on Facebook, we asked you to share the most boring items on your grown-up Christmas lists. We got some great responses! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Denise LeClere - "I love some hay bales and bags of feed for my horses/ponies and my goat."
  • Amber Smith - "The plastic you put on windows to keep the cold air out."
  • Amanda Kistner - "I love getting and giving Kwik Star car wash cards. They usually have a deal on them so it costs less for more washes."
  • Brandi Ann Collingwood - "A step ladder, lol."
  • Lori Fitzpatrick-Avis - "I buy my son a haircut card each year from Great Clips. He looks so forward to this because he hates spending his money on something like that. Last year he complained about having to pay for a haircut and I asked why he didn't use his card, he said, 'you didn't get me one this year.' I said, 'yes I did!' Guess I forgot to give it to him, it was still in my purse! It was Christmas again for him in March!!"
  • Madi Hirl - "Cleaning supplies."
  • Dawne Baculis Hammes - "I asked for new wheels for my Kirby vacuum cleaner."
  • Emilee Upah - "An electric can opener."
  • Alison Askam - "Slippers with arch support."
  • Judi Kelley - "My daughter asks for toilet paper every year, but hey, that case of toilet paper she got last Christmas turned out to be a pretty valuable present through 2020!"
  • Mariah Cooper - "Tupperware."
  • Emily Parks - "My husband listed socks."
  • Amy Croskey Casey - "I don’t have a Christmas list! How boring is that?!"

What's the most boring item on your 2020 Christmas list? Let us know in the comments below!

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