Business Insider posted a list of "The Most Breathtaking Natural Wonder in Every State," and the winner for Iowa was definitely not expected.

I know this is a total stereotype, but before moving to Iowa, I thought the entire state was just farms. Now that I live here, I can absolutely say that's not true (although we do have a lot of those). We have beautiful hills and bluffs and caves that people need to see to believe. Surprisingly, none of those things were the winner for "the most breathtaking natural wonder" in Iowa, according to Business Insider. The winner was actually... clouds?

The above photo was taken in Downtown Cedar Rapids by Jane Wiggins in 2006. The ominous-looking clouds are called asperitas clouds (or asperatus, depending on the site you're looking at), and according to The Gazette, "[they] consist of moisture sandwiched between layers of stable air." Asperitas clouds do not indicate an approaching storm, and they only last about 15 minutes. This particular photo was submitted to the Cloud Appreciation Society in England, where it sparked a conversation about a new classification of cloud. Finally, about 10 years later, it finally received a name.

It's kind of cool that a photo from right here in Cedar Rapids led to a totally new cloud classification! If you'd like to see the full list of winners for each state, click HERE.

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