Vivid Maps created a graphic of the 'The Biggest Employers in Each U.S. State'. The sites slogan is 'Maps that explain the World' and even though there doesn't appear to be any source cited explaining how they came up this information, the map itself is pretty interesting! See the full map HERE.

It shows Iowa's biggest employer as our own home of the Hawkeyes, The University of Iowa! After doing some of our own research, The University of Iowa does appear to be the biggest non-government employer in Iowa with 17,311 employees according to!

This map also shows a lot of states including Illinois and Missouri's biggest employer as good 'ol Wal-Mart. And looking at our other neighbors, Minnesota's largest employer is the Mayo Clinic, South Dakota has the Avera Health Plans, and Nebraska and Wisconsin's biggest employers are both universities.

MBA Today compiled their information from various cities' websites, Chamber of Commerce sites, etc. and lists top employers by city! Based on their findings, the largest employer right here in Cedar Rapids is Rockwell Collins with 7,300 employees. We probably could've guessed that just based on how giant their complex is!

There you have it. If you're looking for a job, it appears that eastern Iowa is the place to be!

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