It has gotten to a point that when the Great Jones County Fair comes around, something happens to the Hansen household, specifically my wife Katie. Nothing has happened at the fair except for being soaked a few times from rain storms while taking in a concert.

In the last 5 years, some type of injury or condition has struck her right around the time the Great Jones County Fair kicks off. It all started 5 years when she came in contact with some poison ivy. Okay no problem, no more hikes the month of the GJCF.

Then 4 years ago, while working around our home, she pulled some ligaments in her hand and fingers and was taped up for the concerts.

Last year while playing fetch with our dog, as he was bringing the ball back with full speed he didn't slow down and hit her knee. She was again taped up but we made our way to the shows, although walking much slower.

Which brings us to this year. Everything was good Thursday night. We took in the Miranda Lambert and Tyler Farr show. Katie even celebrated on not being hurt this year while walking back to the car. Friday morning was a different story. As she is coming in from being outside barefoot with our dog, she makes contact with one of our kitchen chairs. BOOM! She breaks her little toe (click below if you want to see the picture). Katie is a trooper... or maybe a HUGE Luke Bryan fan. But we, once again, made it to the GJCF with her being injured.

Next year I'm wrapping her in bubble wrap to keep her safe.

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