One of our favorite events of the year is coming up on Sunday. It's the 20th annual Blues and Buffett Chili Challenge! Over 20 different chilis made by local restaurants and local residents. If you are a chili lover than you simply can't afford to miss the event!

I am a chili lover. I love all kinds. In fact, I view a bowl of chili much like an artist views an empty canvas. Chili can be anything! It can feature ground beef, pork, even chicken! You can throw in onions, peppers, corn, and tomatoes. Add cheese and sour cream. Heck even toss in some cornbread! It all tastes great! But there are a few things to remember if you're going to eat A LOT of chili all at once.

Some people pre-treat with an acid reducer. I personally don't use one. I always have some water on hand and another beverage like tea or milk or even beer. It's AFTER I've eaten upwards of 25 bowls of chili that the real challenge begins. Gas X is a must as well as some Tumms. Then, it's a waiting game, and I'll leave it at that.

Get your tickets and join us on Sunday at the Mariott Hotel in Cedar Rapids! All proceeds go to charity!

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