Billboards have been both ubiquitous and inconspicuous for quite some time--we drive by them on a daily basis and rarely take much notice. But, sometimes you encounter a piece of enlarged, street-view advertising that can't help but capture your attention. That was the case for me a few weeks back while driving along First Avenue S.E. That's when I saw this:

Chad Cooper
Chad Cooper

How's that for persuasive advertising? This particular piece of public promotion is located directly above Johnny Boy's Car Wash in Cedar Rapids. It has all the pillars of great advertising: it's funny, eye-catching, and lets you know the price and value!

So, guys (or wives?), if you're still looking for a holiday gift this year, you might want to drive your significant other along First Avenue so they can catch a snippet (whoops) of this unique billboard.

If you've seen any other billboards around town that you find funny, post a picture in the comments below.

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