When you're a kid, the world is just one big mystery! With everything being so new, it's very easy to believe that some pretty ridiculous things are true.

For example, when I was young, I vividly remember seeing black and white photos and believing that the world used to be black and white. I even recall asking someone when the world finally turned to color. And here's the thing; it's not like anybody ever told me that was true. I guess I just came up with the idea all on my own. Like how Brain believed that cruise control drove the car for you!

Sometimes you don't come up with the idea on your own, though. Sometimes a person you trust tells you a total lie and you end up believing it for years. You don't even question it!

We asked you to share the dumbest things that you believed as a kid, and you did NOT disappoint! Here are some of our favorite responses from Facebook:

  • Jamie Zaspal - "That Adam's apples were actual little apples stuck in throats."
  • Craig Jana Cooper Wilson - "My dad who was a farmer and completely bald used to tell the kids that he had to sleep in the barn when he was little and the mice ate all of his hair!!"
  • Rachel McKenna - "My dad told me that stoplights were controlled by monkeys working underground."
  • Kari Jean Tenborg - "I thought the ADM plant was a cloud factory."
  • Mallory Schulte - "My older sister made me believe for years that if I swallowed my bubble gum, a full grown bubble gum tree would grow inside of my belly."
  • Ellee Smith - "That there were pink lemons. Why else would we have pink lemonade?"
  • Melissa Butteris Schroeder - "That my dad's middle name was 'Stud.'"
  • Cierra Rae - "That toys and stuffed animals have feelings. I still find myself thinking that sometimes. Even with my cars in the summertime, I will avoid going places on really hot days because I feel like it's not fair to my cars to make them work in that heat if I'm not willing to go out in it."
  • Mandy McDowell - "Babies came from eating watermelon seeds! I still am not a fan of watermelon!"
  • Samantha Copeland - "My grandpa told me if I kept swallowing my bubble gum, that the gasses in my stomach would cause the gum to blow a bubble inside me and I'd float away. He would have to shoot me in the butt to bring me back down to earth."
  • Ashley Soukup - "That writing a check = free money"
  • Marissa Bral - "My dad used to tell me I had to duck when we went under every bridge or I would hit my head."
  • Donna Aller Miller - "I thought blue farm silos stored milk. I even grew up on a farm..."
  • Julie Redmond - "My husband's dad used to tell him that if he played with his belly button his legs would fall off. To this day he won't touch his belly button."
  • Jessica Leigh Wieder - "That it wasn't cars that moved on the roads but the roads that moved... kind of like a treadmill I suppose?"
  • Pat Wirth - "I thought marshmallows grew on trees."
  • Cassidy Carter - "That the car wouldn't start or move unless I had my seatbelt on."

Share your story with us in the comments below!

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