Fall is now officially here. I'm looking forward to every part of it. The cooler weather, holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, and of course the changing color of the leaves. Living in the Midwest, we're blessed with some amazing scenery this time of year. But, there is an element of timing to it. Go to soon, and the colors aren't as vibrant. Go to late, and you're left with a palate of brown. Fortunately, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has released their annual schedule of when the fall colors will be at their best.

The DNR released it's first fall leaf color report this week to tell people current color viewing conditions, but they also told us when the peak viewing time would be for each area in Iowa.

  • Northeast Iowa - Some trees here are starting to show color. Sumac, dogwood, and Virginia creeper are changing colors. The heat and drought conditions of the summer have caused some trees to start to drop leaves early. Peak Viewing: October 5 - 10th
  • Northcentral and Northwest Iowa - A few areas of yellow and orange are starting to appear, especially on ash trees. Sumacs are turning red, and Chokecherries are showing yellow, red and purple. Peak Viewing: October 5 - 10th
  • Central Iowa - Yellow starting to appear on ash trees. A little bit of red starting to show on Virginia creeper, poison ivy, and sumac. Peak Viewing: October 9 - 17th
  • Southeast Iowa - A few trees showing some yellow. Poison Ivy, dogwood, and sumac just starting to turn red. Peak Viewing: October 20 - 27th
  • Southcentral Iowa - Just a few colors around the edges so far. White ash and green ash are starting to turn purple and yellow. Sumac and ivy starting to turn red. Peak Viewing: October 15 - 20th
  • West central and Southwest Iowa - No real changes yet. Peak Viewing: October 8 - 12th
via CBS2
via CBS2


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