Every state has its differences from geography, cultures, and food, to sayings, accents and slang words! Some words that you hear in other states may not make sense to you, or may have a different meaning.

Buzzfeed recently published an article titled 'Here Are The Best Slang Words From Each US State'. Based on their results, the best slang word from Iowa is....Padiddle! Most Iowans understand what this means, but for those of you that are scratching your head right now, allow me to explain.

According to an entry in Urban Dictionary, Padiddle is defined as "a game played in a car where as somebody within the car sees another car with only one working headlight, that person then shouts "Padiddle!" and hits the top of the car. Everybody else in the car quickly shouts "Padiddle!" as well and hits the top of the car. The last person to do so must then remove a piece of clothing." Have you ever played this game?

Growing up in Missouri, we used to play 'slug bug' as kids. That's where every time you see a Volkswagen Beetle you punch the person next to you in the arm and say "slug bug, no tag backs!". That was pretty much the extent of the game, but you'd be on the lookout to keep from getting a sore arm!

If you thought Padiddle was weird, take a look at some popular slang words from our neighboring states.

Illinois- "Gym Shoes", instead of sneakers.

Minnesota- "Ohfer", as in "Oh for heavens sakes". This is used a lot with almost anything, especially as a way to emphasize something: 'Ohfer silly,' 'Ohfer stupid,' 'Ohfer sure.'"....Ohfer strange.

Missouri- "Hoosier", a tacky or trashy person, similar to redneck. See more on this at Urban Dictionary.

Nebraska- "You Betcha!", according to Buzzfeed, "Nebraskans, when experiencing something good, are fond of declaring, 'You betcha!'. So, the player hits a three-pointer, and the crowd roars, 'Youuuuuuuu betcha!'"

South Dakota- "Taverns", in this state this word refers to sloppy joes.

Wisconsin- "Bubbler", water/drinking fountain.

You can get the full list in the Buzzfeed article HERE.

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