If you're thinking of relocating to a different city in Eastern Iowa, we have a suggestion... and a place that you may want to avoid.

Last year, the website 24/7 Wall St published two different studies. One of them outlined the best place to live in each state, and one outlined the complete opposite. Let's start with the positive one!

In June of 2021, 24/7 Wall St issued a special report titled, "The Best City To Live In Every State." To determine their list, they looked at 25 different factors across four main categories: "economy, affordability, quality of life, and community ." The data was collected from sources like the U.S. Census Bureau and the FBI.

According to the publication, North Liberty is the best place to live in the whole state of Iowa! Some of the positive aspects of the city include the low unemployment rate, the affordable homes, and the "rapid population growth." The article says that "over the last five years, the number of people living in the city increased by nearly 30%. Iowa’s population increased by just 2.0% over the same period."

Not only is North Liberty home to some highly-rated local restaurants like Reds Alehouse and Bluebird Cafe, but it's also known for popular festivals like Beat the Bitter and Blues & BBQ, and there are plenty of parks and trails to check out. It's definitely deserving of the honor!

Now, let's get to the WORST place to live in Iowa. Thanks to another article from 24/7 Wall St that was published in November of 2021, we know that Fort Madison, Iowa tops the list of the worst cities in the state. The main reason for this is the high crime rates. The article reads:

"There were 664 violent crimes for every 100,000 city residents in 2019, well above the 367 violent crimes for every 100,000 people nationwide the same year."

In addition to the crime rates, there is also a high unemployment rate and a drop in population, which is currently around 10,513 people.

According to the city's Facebook page, there is still a lot to love about Fort Madison. It reads:

"This historic community is home to 18 different National Park’s Historic Places. Offering epic festivals and parties, such as Riverfest & The Tri-State Rodeo, Fort Madison also hosts wine walks, scenic byways & artisans. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy local bands at establishments like Sidelines & Vinnie’s & they can stop to enjoy themselves at the Agritourism sites along Highway 2."

Do you agree with the picks for the best and worst cities to live in Iowa? Let us know your choices in the comments!

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