You don't have to travel far to try the best diner in the state of Iowa!

The website Love Food recently put together a list of the "Most Charming Roadside Diner in Every State," and I'm happy to report that the pick for Iowa is right here in the Corridor!

According to this list, Iowa's top diner is Pullman Bar & Diner, located at 17 S Dubuque Street in Iowa City. The article says:

"The chic Pullman Bar & Diner is, for many, the best place for brunch in Iowa City. That’s partly due to the excellent food, of course, with classics like steak and eggs paired with delicious breakfast cocktails. But it’s also the look and general vibe of the place, which is decked out like an upscale train carriage and plays excellent music."

Pullman Bar & Diner's website says their menu is their "take on classic Midwest diner fare. Chef-driven menu with an emphasis on sourcing locally and a dedication to quality." They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, but they also have a very popular brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Some of the items on the breakfast menu include breakfast tacos, corned beef hash, the chicken fried steak burrito, biscuits & gravy, and bacon fried rice. The lunch and dinner menu features some burgers, Prince's Hot Chili Chicken Sandwich, seared salmon, General Tso's Chicken, and the Croque Madam. Here are some photos from the diner's Instagram page:

What are some of your favorite diners here in Eastern Iowa? Let us know in the comments!

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