The main reason for going to college (for most) is to be able to pursue a career and get a decent job afterwards. Yes, the parties and freedoms that you probably never got in high school are incentives to go too. But, most students main goal is to score their dream job (or at least a job) upon graduating.

There are thousands of schools throughout the country, but there are some that will give you a better chance of landing that job. It's not to say that these schools are better than the others, but rather that they are more supportive of the post-graduation concerns of students. used information from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) to compile a list of the "top schools by state in terms of college placement ratings."

Zippia searched the IPEDS database for the colleges in each state that had the highest job placement ratings. Then took a deeper look at those ratings to rank the top school in each state. Here are the results (drumroll please....):

  1. Virginia Military Institute — Virginia
  2. Saint John’s University — Minnesota
  3. Assumption College — Massachusetts
  4. Hastings College — Nebraska
  5. Wartburg College — Iowa
  6. Saint Michael’s College — Vermont
  7. Rhodes College — Tennessee
  8. University of Mary — North Dakota
  9. Susquehanna University — Pennsylvania
  10. llinois Wesleyan University — Illinois

One of Iowa's own colleges ranked in the Top 5! Zippia reported that Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa got a placement rating of 95.995%!

There you have it! If you're looking for reassurance that a college degree will land you a job, Wartburg has some good odds! Although, it could be challenging for some Iowans to resist the urge to put on that black and gold and become a Hawkeye.

Regardless of what college you attend, it's safe to say that by just going and getting a degree, you'll already increase your odds of getting a job. Want to see more? Check out the colleges in our neighboring states with the highest job placement percentages in the full Zippia list HERE.

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