It turns out the Band Perry might not have been entirely forthcoming when they said they weren't going pop. The sibling trio turned to social media on Thursday evening (Feb. 2) to announce that they have recorded their first pop album, titled My Bad Imagination.

A post to the group's Twitter page reads as follows:

To our fans --

We've made an album for you. Creating it has been the most exciting thing we've ever done. It's led us to disrupt everything that was comfortable and familiar to us a short year ago. If there's one thing we've learned in making it it's this -- being yourself matters. It matters even when not everyone agrees that you should be or understands why it's important that you are.

The album is called My Bad Imagination. It's our very first pop album and tonight the first single track will be out everywhere, it's called Stay In the Dark. Listen loud.

Thank you for your love, your patience and for your trust. Come with us.



The news came just hours after Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry scrubbed their Twitter and Instagram accounts free of all previous posts for the second time in two years. The group, who shot to prominence with the release of "If I Die Young" in 2010, took a sharp turn toward pop with the release of "Live Forever" in August of 2015, then deleted all of their social media posts and started fresh in the summer of 2016, promising that Aug. 1 of 2016 would be "Comeback Day."

They then released a new song titled "Comeback Kid" that was aimed at some of their doubters -- possibly including Big Machine Label Group, with whom the band parted ways in March of 2016 before signing with Mercury Nashville and Interscope Records in May.

Still, they denied at the time that the new deal and their drastic new look signaled a shift to pop.

“Folks were freaking out for a half-minute, like, ‘Interscope, is that a pop label?!” Kimberly Perry said last summer. “Here’s what people forget, we were signed to Republic Nashville originally. The reason that we did that deal was so that our partner in New York, Republic, could take songs like ‘If I Die Young’ after they grew up at country to the rest of the world.”

The group have been previewing "Stay in the Dark" at live gigs that have been caught on video. Check one of those performances out in the clip above and decide for yourself what you think about the Band Perry's new direction.

No release date or further information has yet been released for My Bad Imagination.

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