The last 2 nights have been Bachelor OVERLOAD, with a special episode Sunday night, as well as the normal Monday night one.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about Sunday night's episode, because - A: I didn't watch the entire thing due to Walking Dead and SNL 40, and B: It was a pretty dull episode, to be honest. So, here are the highlights:

  • Megan goes home (she wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, anyways)
  • Jade got the one-on-one, went to a high school football game in Arlington (which is even smaller than we all imagined), and met Chris' parents. They kissed on the field in front of everyone. Yes, it was as cheesy at it sounds.
  • The rest of the girls went on a roadtrip to Arlington, and the looks on their faces were PRICELESS. You could see the shock and fear in their eyes when they realized that they might actually have to live there one day.
  • Carly tattle-tales on Britt, and she sounds like the most jealous little witch I've ever heard in my life. You're going to spend your time with Chris talking crap about your competition? Yeah, sounds mature. Sounds like your head is really in the right place (that was sarcasm, by the way).
  • Britt has a total meltdown because she realizes she is no longer the center of Chris' attention when Kaitlyn gets the rose over her. She makes everything SUPER awkward for everyone, and Chris kind of blows her off. All the girls speculate that it might be the end for Britt.

NOW, let's talk last night's regular episode. The HOMETOWN episode.

The episode kicks off with Britt revealing to the girls that she is going to leave before the rose ceremony. The girls (especially Carly) were trying pretty hard to contain their excitement, but nobody really believed she would ACTUALLY do it. All the girls seem to be in agreement that Britt just wants Chris to fight for her to stay, which I respond to with a big DUH. What girl WOULDN'T want a guy to ask her to stay?! That's not an unreasonable want from a girl who really likes someone. I do agree that Britt was being petty, though. She finally started feeling like the other girls have felt all along and she just couldn't handle it.

Unfortunately for all the girls, Chris cancelled the cocktail party and went RIGHT into the rose ceremony, leaving Britt to have to drag him out before potentially being SENT home. She apologizes, but it's not really good enough, and they both agree that it's time for her to go. But NOT BEFORE he tattles on Carly for talking smack about Britt behind her back. HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING ABOUT WOMEN, CHRIS? COME ON. Britt then breaks down outside, where then they cut to Carly being TOTALLY HORRIBLE. Smiling and laughing, Carly says, "It's fun to watch her squirm. I've squirmed so much. The girl who was the prettiest girl in the room gets to know how it feels to be a normal person ... how's it feel?" YEAH. That doesn't sound petty or jealous AT ALL. Luckily, Chris sent Carly home right after, which was some INSTANT KARMA.

That left Jade, Kaitlyn, Whitney, and Becca as the final four, and then the hometown visits began!

Becca was first, and, don't get me wrong, I really like Becca, but I don't really see how she's made it this far. She doesn't stand out to me in any way, shape, or form. She's a very sweet girl, but doesn't seem to have that "it" factor. Becca's family seemed to put the pressure on Chris pretty quickly, letting him know that she's never brought a guy home before and that this is a BIG DEAL. She ended their time together by saying that she thinks she really could be falling in love with Chris.

Next up was Whitney. Chris visited her and her family in Chicago, where he got to see what she does for a living, and I think he was honestly impressed. Since Whitney doesn't have any parents (her mother died and her father is not a part of her life), Whitney directs Chris to her sister for approval, and she is having NONE of it. It was a little harsh, but she had a great point. She basically told Chris to call her when he's NOT dating 4 girls at once. Whitney later confesses her love to Chris.

Kaitlyn was next. She made Chris write and record a rap with her, which was HORRIBLY embarrassing. Chris needs to not do that ever again. Her family was a fun group, and she ended the day witha giant billboard that read, "Kaitlyn <3 Chris." How stinkin' cute.

Chris ended his hometown tour with Jade in Nebraska. The whole thing was really awkward, because her family kept hinting about secrets and calling Jade a "wild mustang," which is not a side of her that we've seen on the show. That's when she FINALLY sits Chris down and tells him that she posed for Playboy. She breaks out the laptop and shows him the photos and his face is FANTASTIC. He seemed genuinely shocked. But, he handled it well, and went into this whole speech about standing behind the people that you love no matter what, and that he respects her, and that he judges people for the way that they ARE, and not on their past. It was actually really sweet.

Unfortunately, Jade didn't make the cut. He sent her packing at the rose ceremony and it was a very sad night for both of them. We even saw Chris shed a tear!

The best part of the episode, though, had to be the credits. They show the scene where Whitney and Chris are having their VERY SERIOUS "love" conversation, and the camera pulls back and you see her dog getting it on with a stuffed animal. It was fantastic.

Thoughts on last night's episode? Share them below!

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