I had to stay up pretty late last night (10 is late for me, ok?!), but I DID manage to make it through all 3 hours of The Bachelor finale last night on ABC!


I'll start off by saying that I accidently read a spoiler early on that told me Whitney would be the winner, so I wasn't surprised by the outcome. I am also not disappointed by the outcome. I've liked Whitney since the wedding crashing date, and she seems to be the best fit for him, with her willingness to quit her life and move to Iowa and all.

I do have a complaint though. I don't know if it was just Chris, or if all the bachelors have done this, but I REALLY didn't like the hesitation when it came down to choosing a lady. He stated several times in last night's episode that he was "50/50" and very unsure who he would choose at the final rose ceremony. In my personal opinion, if he had NO idea who to choose, and he was SO TORN between the two women, he shouldn't have ended up with either of them. At that point, you should've had some idea of who the front-runner is. When you KNOW, you KNOW... you know? If I was in Whitney's shoes and I had watched that finale, I would be SO MAD. It almost seems like he just chose the easiest option. Luckily, Whintey hasn't watched back ANY of the episodes, only her individual dates. Smart move on her part.

A lot of people were hating on Becca for her lack of emotion last night, but I'm going to take a second to defend her. Becca has been honest about her intentions from day 1. She didn't feel comfortable rushing her relationship with Chris for the sake of tv, and I think that is very honorable. She was up front, she stuck to her guns, and she was very realistic about the entire situation, which is hard to do in the fantasy world of reality tv. I really think Chris had more feelings for Becca than he did for Whitney, but Whitney was just on the same level as Chris in terms of expectations. Or maybe Chris was just trying harder with Becca because she was a bit of a challenge. He denied that last night, but who really knows?

Now, there have been lots of rumors flying around about the state of Chris and Whitney's relationship, probably more so in Iowa than anywhere else. I actually heard just last week that Chris was spotted out and about with a NEW girlfriend that WASN'T Whitney. I'm glad those rumors were finally laid to rest during the "After the Rose" special. As much as I didn't like Chris' uncertainty leading up to his decision, I am still glad it worked out for both of them. Chris' family really seemed to love Whitney, so I'm really glad there was a happy ending for all.

And THEN came the big shocker of the night - The Bachlorette announcement! I think the entire internet was rooting for Kaitlyn, and those people were excited/upset/confused when they announced that Kaitlyn AND Britt would be the next Bachlorette(s). I have to admit, I was pretty shocked. I don't get the hate for Britt. I mean, sure, she was pretty irritating sometimes... but weren't they all? I did really want Kaitlyn to be the sole Bachlorette, though. I'm not 100% on how this is going to work, with the men choosing one woman or the other, but I'm sure it will be interesting no matter what!

What are your thoughts of Chris' choice? Were you team Whitney or team Becca? SHare your response below!

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