A terminally ill boy has gotten his final wish. He got to see Santa and have Christmas. In a story courtesy of the Knoxville News Sentinel, reporter Sam Venable told the story of a dying boy's final wish coming true.

Eric Schmidt-Matzen plays the role of Santa Claus every year. He has the full white beard and is even trained for the part. But no amount of training could have prepared him for this Christmas season. Several weeks ago Schmitt-Matzen returned home from his full-time job and got a phone call from the local hospital. A nurse said that there was a very sick 5-year-old boy that wanted to see Santa. He was told there was no time for him to dress in his full outfit. So with just his Santa suspenders, Schmitt-Matzen took off for the hospital.

When he arrived, he met the boys mother and other family members. She gave him a toy to give her son. Schmitt-Matzen then told everyone if they were going to cry or lose it, to leave the room. He wouldn't be able to stay in part if he saw everyone crying.

Santa entered the boys room and declared, "What's this I hear about you missing Christmas? There's no way you can miss Christmas! You're my number one elf!" Schmitt-Matzen said the boy looked so weak that he was about to fall asleep.

The boy looked up and said, "I am?"

Santa gave him his present and the boy smiled and laid his head back down. Then he told Santa, "They say I'm going to die. How can I tell when I get to where I'm going?"

Santa told the boy, "When you get there, tell them your Santa's number one elf. I know they'll let you in."

The boy sat up in his bed and said, "Santa can you help me?" He then wrapped his arms around Schmitt-Matzen. He died in Santa's arms. Schmitt-Matzen said he just held the boy tightly until his mother ran back into the room.

Merry Christmas to Santa's number one elf. We know the big guy helped you get home.