Tattoo artists, clients, and fans from all over the U.S. will visit Iowa this spring for a major event! The Middle of the Map Tattoo Convention is coming back for another year!

The 4th annual Middle the Map Tattoo Convention will take place Friday, April 12th through Sunday, April 14th at the Iowa Event Center in Des Moines. The event will feature 200 talented tattoo artists from all across the country, including Wisconsin, Missouri, Colorado, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Illinois, Kansas, and, of course, Iowa. Some of the Corridor artists that will be at the convention include:

  • Jeremiah Klein - Cedar Rapids
  • Trent Tieso - Cedar Rapids
  • Kristin Parlier - Cedar Rapids
  • Angel Gonzalez - Cedar Rapids
  • Morgan Hazer - Cedar Rapids
  • Lenny Allison - Cedar Rapids
  • Tyler Daubenmier - Cedar Rapids
  • Kari Rhoades - Cedar Rapids
  • Jason Evans - Cedar Rapids
  • Zach Shields - Cedar Rapids
  • Elizabeth Bousman - Cedar Rapids
  • Sydney Honn - Cedar Rapids
  • Michelle Balhan - Iowa City
  • Toby Davis - Iowa City
  • Kayle Lowman - Iowa City
  • Chris Hall - Iowa City
  • Giovanni Falcons - Iowa City
  • Kat Keller - Iowa City

If you do want to get a tattoo at the convention, the official website says that "walk-ins are welcome, but it is highly recommended that you contact the artist of your interest ahead of time to schedule an appointment." The bookings are all handled by each individual artist. You can check out a full list of exhibitors HERE.

In addition to live tattooing, the convention will also have seminars, vendors, a silent auction, competitions, live music, food, special guests, and more. All ages are welcome at the event, but you must be 18 or older to get tattooed.

Tickets for the Middle of the Map Tattoo Convention are to purchase online HERE. They have individual day tickets, as well as weekend passes and seminar tickets available. For more information on the event, you can visit the official website.

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