It's not very often I get to pick the foods for Taste Bud Trivia and today's credit goes to listener Joani King. She sent us several suggestions and this morning I went with vanilla ice cream and BBQ potato chips. Together. It surprised me, but it's pretty clear from the look on Courtlin's face the first time she tries it that, dare I say, she liked it!

You can watch Taste Bud Trivia every Wednesday morning at approximately 7:15 on the KHAK Facebook page. If you'd like to make a recommendation for what Danielle, who usually chooses the Taste Bud Trivia foods, should give Brain and Courtlin, you can do that HERE. I know she has a plan in mind for next week and trust me, Brain and Courtlin aren't going to like it near as much as what they got today. Tune in to the Facebook page next Wednesday morning to find out what that is!

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