We've got another Taste Bud Trivia in the books!

I was on vacation all of last week and frankly, I thought Brain and Courtlin had it pretty easy. Bob James filled in and gave them Oreos with cheese in the middle. Now that I'm back I decided to turn things up a notch and give them one I've had up my sleeve for a bit. They had to eat Pork and Beans with Miracle Whip! I got the idea for today's food from listener Kim Foushee who said...

Pork n beans cold with miracle whip. In a bowl mix pork n beans with about 2 tablespoons of miracle whip and eat. Yummy!! Grew up eating this weekly."

This sounded wonderfully terrible so I decided to let Brain and Courtlin test it out. You can see their reaction in the video below.

If you ever have any good (meaning gross, weird, etc.) food ideas for Taste Bud Trivia let us know right HERE. Until next time, muahahaha!

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