It was another strange edition of Taste Bud Trivia this week. You may remember Brain & Courtlin asking listeners on Facebook about weird food combinations that they love, but others may think are disgusting. Some of these suggestions including cottage cheese and mashed potatoes, grape juice IN milk, and even chocolate cake and onions! After seeing these suggestions, it got me thinking...This is perfect for Taste Bud Trivia!

This week Brain & Courtlin were treated to a peanut butter, pickle, and ketchup sandwich! Bleh! Not only was this sandwich strange tasting, apparently it was hard to eat too, as Brain "gooped" on himself. Meaning as he took a bite, ketchup squirted all over his pants. Yikes! Due to technical difficulties with our cameras only the audio from today is available. Listen below.


MIss Last Week's Taste Bud Trivia? Watch it Here!

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