Fall is here and that means it's pumpkin season! In honor of that, I decided to bring Brain and Courtlin some delicious pumpkin pie. But, let's be real, this is Taste Bud Trivia so I can't just bring them regular ol' pumpkin pie. That would be too good!

I LOVE ketchup (I put it on just about anything I can) so I thought 'why not see how it goes with pumpkin pie right!?'-- Wrong. I love these two things separately, but together it's just plain awful. Brain and Courtlin found that out the hard way. Brain is a pumpkin pie lover too so seeing the treat drowned in ketchup broke his heart a little bit I think. Courtlin isn't a huge fan of either of these items so it was a rough day for her. Usually, I get out of having to actually eat anything in Taste Bud Trivia, but curiosity got the best of me today and I decided to try it for myself...that was a bad choice. See everyone's reaction to ruined pumpkin pie in the video below.

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