It was a daycare edition of Taste Bud Trivia this week! Well... sort of. You see, I decided to bring Brain and Courtlin the delicious childhood snack of Goldfish! Only it wouldn't be Taste Bud Trivia if I didn't make these gross or strange in some way. So I decided to have those little fishies swimmin' in some apple juice.

I will say that I tried to wait as long as possible to pour the fish in the juice, as I didn't want them to be soggy to the point where they would disintegrate. That didn't matter much though, as they didn't need to be soggy to be gross. These two flavors DO NOT go together, and I can tell you that first hand.

As Courtlin puts it, she felt like she was a kid in daycare who mashes all of their food up together and then eats it. See for yourself in the video below.

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