Taste Bud Trivia is the best!....Well, not so much for Brain and Courtlin.

Since they had it somewhat easy last week with the bacon candy canes, I decided to turn things up with a listener suggestion. Listener Diana H. says,

My 6 year old granddaughter likes cottage cheese and chocolate pudding. Haven't tried it so I can't say if I like it or not. Doesn't sound appetizing to me though."

Well Diana, there's no need to try this one because Brain and Courtlin can tell you...it wasn't good. As Courtlin says "it looks like Frosty The Snowman's poo". Watch this week's episode of Taste Bud Trivia below.

If you have a weird, gross, unique food suggestion that you think Brain and Courtlin should try out, let us know HERE! I love seeing all of the strange things that people decide to mix together. Also, Taste Bud Trivia goes down live every Wednesday morning around 7:20 on KHAK Facebook page. Make sure you're following it so you'll get notified anytime we go live.

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