After two weeks off, Taste Bud Trivia is back!

Due to the crazy winter weather we've been having, Taste Bud Trivia had to get pushed back a couple of weeks. Brain and Courtlin certainly didn't mind getting some time off of having to try these weird food combinations, but that all ended today.

I got a lot of great weird food combinations from listeners over the last couple of weeks and I got to share that this morning with Brain and Courtlin. Today they had to eat apples dipped in ranch dressing. Both of them like apples, and they like ranch, but we learned this morning that they HATE the two together. Watch them try the sweet and sour mixture below.

You're welcome to try the combination for yourself, but it's highly unlikely that you'll enjoy it. As always, if you have a weird food suggestion that you'd like to see Brain and Courtlin try on Taste Bud Trivia this year, let us know!

You can tune in to Taste Bud Trivia every Wednesday morning around 7:15 on the KHAK Facebook page! We'll go live on Facebook so you can see their reactions in real time. Just make sure you're following the KHAK Facebook page to get notified when we go live. AND if you want to keep up with the latest in K-Hawk Country and get notified when we make concert announcements, download the FREE KHAK app here.

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