[UPDATED 9/13 10:15 a.m.] The Iowa City Police Department says the situation at Tate High School has been resolved. The Johnson County Bomb team investigated the suspicious package and was able to determine it was "paper products in a non-labeled box. There is no threat to the public and the area is open to regular vehicle and pedestrian traffic."

[ORIGINAL STORY] Iowa City Police and the Johnson County Bomb Squad are on scene at Tate High School in Iowa City after a school employee found a suspicious package at the school this morning. The school was evacuated and classes have been canceled for the day.

This message was posted on the school website:

Important Message

Classes at Tate High School will be canceled for September 13, 2018 due to a suspicious package that was found near the entrance of the building. The Iowa City Police Department is on scene and investigating the situation. Tate students should not report to the building today. This cancelation is for Tate High School only.  All other schools are in session.

Google Maps
Google Maps

CBS 2 reports the suspicious package was a "box with a non-traditional label." The employee believed the package was suspicious and called the police, who agreed. That's when the Johnson County Bomb Squad was called in.

Mall Drive, which runs in front of the high school in Iowa City, was closed for a time but has since been reopened. Mall Drive is south of Iowa City City High and just north of Highway 6.

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Google Earth
Tate High School via Google Earth

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