There's a line in the Brad Paisley song 'Welcome to the Future' that talks about how when he was a kid, Brad would play Pac-Man in the arcade, and now in the future, he had the game on his phone. That became my reality this month when Nintendo released Super Mario Run for Apple devices. I grew up on Mario! I had nearly every version of the game for a variety of Nintendo devices. So when I heard it was coming out for my iPhone, I knew I had to have it!

You can download it for free in the app store, but that only gets you three levels to play. To unlock the full game you have to pay $9.99. I'll admit that's more than I pay for games on my phone. But I thought that since my son and I would play it, and the girls would too on their new iPods, it would be worth the price. There's just one problem. Even though all our Apple devices are under one account, you have to pay the $9.99 price for every device! What? That hasn't happened with any other game or app I've downloaded. You download it for one device, it appears on the others if they are under the same account. Not cool Apple or Nintendo or whoever made that call.

The sales date coming in is also not good for Mario. It appears that a lot of other people are not pleased with the overall price of the game. In fact, research shows that if Nintendo had sold the game for $1.99 instead of ten bucks, they would have made nearly $20 million MORE dollars in profit over their current levels!

I'll admit it. Playing Mario on your phone is fun. But be warned. This game could cost you more than you expected. The game will also be available for Andriod users in early 2017.


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