Over the years there have likely been thousands of bigfoot sightings in the state of Iowa. My hunch is many of them were Busch Light induced... Still, for those who believe there is a sasquatch or many of them out there, you're unlikely to be deterred by any non-believer.

For you, I direct your attention to Iowa's bigfoot sighting capital located in eastern Iowa: Yellow River State Forest. If you're not familiar, it's located in the southeastern corner of Allamakee County and most of the land is owned by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Yellow River State Forest via Google
Yellow River State Forest via Google

A forest is obviously a logical place for a bigfoot sighting as they're rarely reported hanging around midtown Manhattan. This particular forest, located in the extreme northeastern portion of the state, is known for having deep valleys and high ridges.

The Iowa BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) has canvased the forest numerous times and gathered evidence they claim proves there is a sasquatch hanging out there.

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In fact, Yellow River State Forest had so many reported bigfoot sightings reported to or by the Iowa BFRO, that back in 2017 the hit Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot even showed up to see if they could confirm the existence of the said creature.

Isolated Vector Bigfoot Silhouette Illustration

You can see the 8-minute video below and find out if the crew did spot a sasquatch at Yellow River State Forest, or at the very least TV ratings.

So are you a sasquatch devotee? You know from me saying it in the past, I am not exactly a bigfoot believer. Nor a paranormal, chupacabra, monster enthusiast for that matter... but, it's fun to pretend.

One thing that is certain, Iowa's Yellow River State Forest is a great place to plan a family camping trip!

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