If you haven't already got all your bills on auto-pay, here's another reason to do it! U.S. postage stamps are taking another leap in less than three weeks. Though it didn't receive much publicity at the time, the Postal Regulatory Commission actually approved the increases in early November. Here's what that will mean for consumers and businesses.

'Forever' stamps will increase from 50 cents to 55 cents, a ten percent jump. That five-cent increase is the largest in history. The largest increase in the past was in 1991. That year the cost of a first-class stamp rose from 25 to 29 cents.

If you've received a prize from us in the mail lately, you know metered mail is currently 47 cents. It will cost us a little more to send you those concert tickets, restaurant gift cards, etc. That price is increasing from 47 cents to 50 cents for letters up to one ounce. The cost for additional ounces will be going down six cents, from 21 cents to 15.

Here are the remainder of the USPS changes:

  • Small flat rate box - 70-cent increase to $7.90
  • Medium flat rate box - 70-cent increase to $14.35
  • Large flat rate box - Up $1.05 to $19.95.
  • Regular flat rate envelope - 65-cent increase to $7.35
  • Large flat rate envelope - 65-cent price hike to $7.65
  • Padded flat rate envelope - Up 75-cents to $8

The price increases will take effect Sunday, January 27, so stock up on those 'Forever' stamps now!

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