Unity Point Health in Cedar Rapids is once again advancing surgical procedures in the corridor. Thanks to a new robot, surgeons are now able to complete some medical procedures with just a single incision.

The less invasive surgeries are happening at St. Luke's urology department thanks to the arrival of a brand new robot. That robot makes it much easier to remove cancerous prostates using just one incision. Experts say that it will soon be the standard to have robots the ones making surgical incisions.

Former robotic systems have made multiple incisions in patients. Before that, doctors had to open up patients. The point of the new technology is to reduce recovery time and pain. So far, patient reaction has been positive.

So far, St. Lukes has performed six surgeries using the new Di Vinci SP Robot. Right now, due to FDA regulations, the robot is only approved for urology procedures like removing kidneys and prostates.


[via KWWL]

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