Well, I did it.

There was something called "Speed Friending" last weekend at the Cedar Rapids Public Library. It was free, so I signed up. You might remember me telling you about this in a previous blog.

No one here at the office or among my friends thought I would actually go. Boy, did I show them!

Leave it to me to make the whole thing weird from the get-go.

There were two sessions. I hadn't realized when I registered I was supposed to pick a time. Then, when the day came, I had a brain fart. I showed up for the first time slot, a half-hour late! That left an odd number of people, so the "moderator" had to get involved. #awkward

The group consisted of about seven people--mostly shy introverts trying to break out of their shell or newcomers to town just trying to make friends.

I made a couple of really good contacts, including one with a female, had a nice conversation, and then, when I got home, managed to lose her phone number! WHAT?! I hope my Facebook friend request, which, by the way, has since been accepted and will probably be removed after this cringeworthy review, wasn't too creepy, but she was worth getting back in contact with.

While I salute my fellow speed-frienders for leaving their comfort zone, I ended the session feeeling pretty confident in my own social skin after this event. If you want to make friends in a more easy-going environment than a bar (which, honestly, I probably shouldn't count out as a method of meeting people just yet), I'll keep you posted on more of these events.

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