You gotta love kids!

This morning my coworker shared a story with me that I just have to share with all of you. Last night, Brain trimmed down his beard for the first time in weeks, and while in the process, his 9-year-old daughter came up to him and said, "dad, now I can see your double chin!" Not exactly what he was hoping to hear.

One of the best and worst things about kids is their brutal honesty. Sometimes it's sweet and adorable, but other times it's the absolute last thing you want to come out of their mouths. We asked listeners here in Eastern Iowa to share their funniest, most cringe-worthy stories of kids being brutally honest. Here are some of our favorite responses*:

  • Chad Ginther - "My wife and I took my friend's little girl for the weekend and I had my shirt off and the little girl said, 'you got boobs.' I said, 'no, those are pectoral muscles,' and she said, 'no, they're boobs.'"
  • Michelle Schuerer - "My husband and I were shopping at Target when our son was probably 3 to 4 years old. He saw his very first person that had dwarfism. He yelled, 'daddy, daddy, look at the tiny man!' Luckily the gentleman was very understanding and laughed, but my husband and I were mortified and used it as a life lesson for our son."
  • Sarah Lizer - "When my son was probably 3, I was dancing around while I was getting ready for work. He comes up next to me and goes, 'jeez, mom! Your butt is flying everywhere!'”
  • Janette Deaner Griffin - "My then 3-year-old daughter was sitting in the grocery cart, poked me in the stomach and loudly said, 'you need a Bowflex.' Guess she was paying attention to all those Bowflex commercials from back in the day."
  • Karen Robertson - "Running errands with my 4-year-old son this weekend, I mentioned that we kind of matched (black T-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes...). He responded with, 'no! You're wearing mom jeans and I'm not!'"
  • Amy Wilcox - "I must not have brushed my teeth as well as I thought because my granddaughter told me my mouth smelled like poop. Wouldn't let me do her hair."
  • Brittany Nelson - "In the last month, my 4-year-old has told me my face is wrinkly and my belly is squishy."
  • Shirley Girard - "When my now 22-year-old son was about 7 or so, we were out clothes shopping and I made the mistake of asking him if the dress I tried on made me look fat. He politely said, 'not too fat.' Yep, that went back on the rack."

Do you have a hilarious story of your child being a little too honest? Share yours with us in the comments below!

(*some comments are edited for grammar/punctuation)

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