Saturday night, the Iowa football team earned their fifth victory of the season against Minnesota but the most special thing that happened during the game was in the stands.

Grace, a member of the Iowa marching band, was in for the surprise of her life. Her boyfriend, Isaac, spent three years as the drum major for the band and is now in the midst of officer training at Fort Benning, Georgia. Unbeknownst to her, he was at Kinnick Saturday night and made his way down to the band in the stands on the south end of the stadium. What followed was pure magic.

If you have trouble viewing the video below, you can watch it here.

I love how most of the band totally quit playing when Isaac dropped to one knee. According to the University of Iowa's Facebook page, Isaac and Grace's parents both met in band as well. It certainly seems like a match made in musical heaven... even if there is no beer.

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