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Look at the big kitten eyes starring at you. So soft and innocent. There is no way that kitten would cause any trouble in your house this holiday season! If you believe that, you must no know kittens very well! I've been around cats my whole life. We had them outside on our family farm, and inside our house as pets too. They are amazing little mischievous creatures full of love and fun. This week on Furry Friday, we introduce you to Smoke, a kitten up for adoption just in time for Christmas.

Smoke is around 8 weeks old and is full of life, love, and energy! Our friend Jamie with Saint Cat Rescue is currently fostering Smoke. She said that Smoke is all kitten right now, wanting to play and have a great time. He gets along with everyone he comes into contact with, including other cats! But he does have a weakness. Christmas trees. He loves to play and attack them. But what cant doesn't? I can remember that being a constant battle in our house during the holidays. We even had one cat that would climb our tree and sleep in it!

Saint Cat Rescue
Saint Cat Rescue

If you're looking for a loving kitten this Christmas, our pal Smoke would love to come and 'play' with your tree! Kittens are honestly so much fun. Smoke would make a great gift and companion. You can visit Saint Cat Rescue for more information on how to start the adoption process and to see all the other cats and kittens looking for a home!

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