I've always been extremely jealous of people who could draw, paint, or sculpt. Any kind of visual art to be honest. While I do possess a tiny amount of talent playing the guitar, visual kinds of art would be at the very bottom of my list of talents. I've always thought of music as the type of art that's like a present you have to unwrap. As you listen to a piece of music, you're slowly unwraping it and listening to it unfold. Visual art is much more immediate. It (for lack of a better term) smacks you in the face. It may take time to dissect and interpret, there is just an immediate gratification to it.

Google has chosen an Iowa student's digital creation to possibly be on their homepage, according to KCRG. Olivia Hulstein is a junior at Western Christian, in Hull, and she has the chance to represent a small town in Iowa, on a worldwide level.

It's amazing what can cause something to inspire someone. Olivia didn't have to look far for inspiration for this creation. According to KCRG she was inspired by her very own art station. In the tweet above, you can see the picture of Olivia's winning design and I believe she's 100% deserving to be recocnized.

In my opinion, the best kinds of art are the pieces that make you feel something, or you can see yourself in. Personally, I feel like Olivia is letting us into her life. She's showing us her personality, where she works, and what she does everyday. I imagine myself at my work desk writing articles, or in the radio studio, doing what I love everyday.

News this big was pretty tough to keep secret for Olivia's family. She told KCRG

I kind of had a little bit of an inkling that something was happening today. I just didn’t expect it to be this, but I’m very excited. My parents said I was grinning from ear to ear

Not only is this exciting for Olivia and her family, it's exciting for her school, Western Christian. The national winner of this contest will receive of $30,000 scholarship and their school will receive $50,000 towards new technology.

KCRG reports the voting for that nation competition can be found at the  Doodle Google website and voting will run until June 3rd. Get your votes in for Olivia ASAP!

There are roughly 5 and a half billion google searches per day. That's a lot of eyeballs who could be seeing Olivia's beautiful piece of art.

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