Are your kids a fan of the show American Ninja Warrior? If so, they are gonna love this!

Sky Zone in Cedar Rapids announced earlier this month that they'll be adding three new "Warrior Courses." The first one will be for the "Pee Wee Warrior," the second will be for the "Jr. Warrior," and the third is the "Extreme Warrior" course. The Extreme Warrior Course will include two different levels! The Facebook post reads:

"After meandering through 40 feet of Parkour Blocks, you will climb up to the second level and navigate the obstacles to the other end. Climbing down to the first level, you will find even more challenges in front of you! Once to the end, you make one more turn, run down the lane, and finish the course by climbing one of two warped walls! It will be epic!"

The coolest part is that Sky Zone plans to hold "Warrior Nights" where the course turns into a competition, and they have also discussed doing team events, too!

Here's a peek at what the courses will look like:

There's no word yet on when the new feature will be open, but they said it's "coming soon," so you can check for updates on their official Facebook page HERE.

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