Is Iowa's former Olympic darling responsible for trying to spark romance for Olympic gymnastic star Aly Raisman? It sure looks that way.

The first thing you should know is that Shawn Johnson married Oakland Raiders long-snapper, Andrew East, earlier this year. Yep, that's a good-looking couple.

John Parra, Getty Images

Now Andrew's teammate, Colton Underwood, has recorded a video asking Aly if she might like to go on a double date with Andrew and Shawn. Aly is immediately suspicious, but also very aware of this Colton fellow:

Raisman took home a gold and two silver medals at the just-completed Rio Olympics, and apparently two former Olympians have a bit of a competition going on, involving Aly's love life. She told Yahoo Sports, "Shawn and Nastia [Liukin] fight over who’s going to find me a boyfriend first.” It appears Shawn has the upper hand.

Aly's gymnastics tour takes her to San Jose, California in September. Hopefully both she and Colton will be able to find a little time in their busy schedules for that double date. If they can, Shawn Johnson may be a winner, yet again.