Shania Twain is coming back swinging! Hot off the release of her new single, "Life's About to Get Good," the country superstar debuted another new song titled "Swinging With My Eyes Closed" during an appearance on the Today Show's Citi Summer Concert Series on Friday (June 16).

Fans of old school hits like "Any Man of Mine" or "Honey, I'm Home" will dig this rollicking number that embodies the same fire as those tracks. There's a burst of energy when Twain and a chorus of voices come together to sing, "I'm swingin' with my eyes closed / Only God knows / How far it goes." Twain was feelin' it on Friday morning, owning the stage with her trademark confidence and killer voice as she strutted down the runway with hoards of fans off to the side. The fiddle solo near the end is a solid addition to the already spirited song.

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"Life's About to Get Good" was released to country radio on Friday (June 16) and serves as the first single off Twain's first album in 15 years, NowThe superstar singer unveiled the cover art for the project on Wednesday (June 14), showing her in a sultry black-and-white photo and an ensemble complete with cheetah-print gloves.

“And I also feel that it says a lot about my story in this album, which is going from dark to light and sad to happy, and that whole transition," she tells Taste of Country about "Life's About to Get Good." "How to find optimism, recognize optimism in a difficult time. So this song that has that real emotional conflict in it that I love, that represented the album well.”

Her highly anticipated album drops on Sept. 29.

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