Iowa welcomed Shania Twain back with a roar and an almost-packed house at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines last night. According to the Des Moines Register, 12,765 people were waiting for Shania, who made a very unique entrance to start her show.

Shania didn't fly in from the back of the arena and she didn't pop up out of the stage. No, she appeared in a stairwell, next to the fans. She descended down the steps of section 104 (below), through the floor area, and then up to the stage. She would entertain fans from far and wide for the next two hours.

Wells Fargo Arena
Wells Fargo Arena

Shania had played in Des Moines just under three years ago (August 6, 2015), but it didn't matter. The 5-time Grammy Award winner brought a huge amount of energy to the stage and chose the perfect spots to play new music, interspersed with her biggest hits.

Only six dates remain on her U.S. tour before Shania takes her music to the world with stops in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, and Australia. They'll all be in for a special night.

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