Every year we hear about high school seniors pulling senior pranks and getting in big trouble, but that didn't stop a group of students in Maryland. Chopticon High School staff and students were in for a major surprise when they showed up for school on May 20th and found 72,000 ladybugs flying around.

5 students broke into the high school in the early morning hours to release the bugs, while 2 others waited in the car. The ladybugs were apparently purchased on the internet (I just looked and you can purchase 1,500 at a time on Amazon for only $8.99). Not surprisingly, school officials are not happy and the students are being charged, 4 as juveniles and 3 as adults. Only one student is being prevented from walking at the graduation ceremony. The biggest issue doesn't seem to be the ladybugs, but the forcible entry to the school.

Do you think the school is being too harsh? Or do these students deserve criminal charges? Let us know what you think!