The Cedar Rapids Gazette says this property, located at 2307 Bever Ave. SE in Cedar Rapids, has gone from "nuisance property" to "magnet for danger," according to neighbors who say an uptick in noise and drive-by shootings has made them feel unsafe.

Iowa's News Now just recently reported an act of racial vandalism against the property in this neighborhood, where the words "We Win. No More _______ Here" were spray-painted on Tuesday morning. Cedar Rapids Police Department says they are investigating it as a hate crime.

This house initially became a reported hotspot for danger after a drive-by shooting in December of 2019. Since then, The Gazette reports that last year, the Cedar Rapids police department noted from January 1 to Oct. 15, there were 25 disturbance calls; 13 weapon calls; two thefts; one domestic incident; and seven suspicious persons reports in connection with 2307 Bever Ave. SE.

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There have been eight arrests since 2018 although no one currently actually lives there. Things have escalated quickly at this location from trespassing and disturbances to shots fired and even a pipe bomb exploding. The police have been working with Safe CR to address building code violations.

Police also fear this property may be suffering neglect from its owner, Charles Davisson of Property Holders LTD. Davisson also owns three other properties that have been deemed nuisances and were at one point suspended from renting them out, but he is appealing that decision. The other properties are at 619 15th St. SE; 1557 Sixth Ave. SE; and 1025 20th St. SE

One resident in the neighborhood, who spoke with anonymity to the Gazette, said she had security cameras installed. She said the cameras haven't seemed to stop any dangerous activity but her footage has been helping police. Authorities believe some of the problems at the Bever Ave. address were the result of an ongoing gang dispute.

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