Two Iowa school boards have voted to defy Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds order that schools resume classes in person for the upcoming school year. The Des Moines Register reports that the Urbandale School board voted unanimously on Monday to continue online learning only at Rolling Green Elementary. The Waukee School board also issued a statement on Monday saying they would not follow the governors guidance on reopening schools.

Rolling Green was the only Iowa school that had received a temporary waiver from Governor Reynolds order in July that schools would have to have at least 50% of learning done in-person. The Register reports that the Department of Education did not extend the waiver and classes would have to resume in person on Friday. The board decided to continue with virtual learning until August 25th. That is the date when other schools in the Urbandale district start classes.

School districts that are at odds with the governor site state law that gives school districts the power to make their own decisions about how to handle hazards to their staff and students. How will the state respond? The Register reports that Rolling Green would likely have to make up any days that don't fall in line with the governors requirements.

As a parent I'm very concerned with the direction our schools are headed. I want all three of my kids back at school for in person learning. That is how they learn best. But at what cost? As long as community spread of coronavirus continues, mass gatherings, no matter how well controlled, will continue to be an issue.


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