For the past 87 years, no vehicle on the roadways of America has made people turn their heads and stare like the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Just saying the name makes grown men and women giggle. Wienermobile! But that historic run is about to end.

Say goodbye to the Wienermobile and hello to the Frankmobile. I know, I hate it too. Many of you are probably wondering what kind of Karen complained to the folks at Oscar Mayer about the name Wienermobile and got the name changed! However, CNN reports that the name change has nothing to do with the word "wiener". Stop giggling.

The name change is all about marketing. CNN reports that the change is meant to promote a new recipe that Oscar Mayer is rolling out this summer. A new hot dog recipe? You are correct. Their new All Beef Franks will now feature "a more balanced flavor profile and iconic beefy taste." Oh, come on! It's a hot dog! Just call in a wiener and let's get on with our day! This is the first time since 2017 that Oscar Mayer has changed its recipe.


I'll look back fondly on my time with the Wienermobile. This mythical vehicle has been through Cedar Rapids a number of times. Will the Frankmobile hold the same wonder and amazement? Don't bet on it. And CNN reports that the name change might not even be permanent! A spokesperson stated that they're "trying out the name to see if it cuts the mustard with fans." Ugh. BRING BACK THE WIENERMOBILE!

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