Over the years, we've all received a number of annoying calls from telemarketers and robocalls, as well. Now, one of the latter that you may have received years ago could pay you handsomely... to the tune of $900.

The phone calls, which offered a free cruise from Norwegian, Carnival, or Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, were made between July of 2009 and March of 2014. According to Consumerist, the calls were made to both cell phones and residential phone lines.

Now for the good news. A class action lawsuit has been settled that could pay you as much as $900. That's if you received three or more calls. The fee is $300 per call, up to three.

Checking to see if you're eligible is simple. Visit the settlement website and enter your phone number to see if you received the call(s). If you did, you can file a claim online or print the form and mail it in.  Your claim must be postmarked by November 3, 2017, or submitted online by that date.

Good luck! This is the only time I hope you DID receive a robocall.

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