It was just over two weeks ago that a man two states away shared the simple request of a Coralville man. The response has been nothing short of overwhelming.

The photo above is of Miles Davis, of Coralville. He has Down syndrome and each day gets the mail for his mom. He was discouraged because the only things that came in the mail for him were medical bills. His mom, Shelly, asked for people to send Miles letters via a video on TikTok. That's when Kris Sipe of Tulsa, Oklahoma jumped in to help and it seems the whole world noticed.

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In just eight hours, the video was viewed more than a half-million times. As of this morning, it's been watched almost five million times. And oh how it's worked.

Shelly told KCRG, "He started getting packages and letters from all over the world. The Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and I'm sure I'm missing some." Generous people sent everything you could think of, in addition to letters. There were coloring books, clothes, shoes, jerseys, ...

The Davis home was flooded with packages:

What to do with it all? Shelly reported to KCRG, "I knew we couldn’t keep it all; we would have to move out." So Miles began to donate items to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. He also gave to homeless shelters and a daycare.

It's simply amazing how much the kindness shown toward one man has touched his life, and many others at the same time.

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