The Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign in Cedar Rapids is anticipating that it will be in the red after this holiday season. The organization won't know for sure until the end of January, but it is anticipating another year of low donation totals in the corridor.

Those familiar bells officially stopped ringing at 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve. This would mark the second straight year the campaign has failed to reach its goals, which means the group will have to once again do good with less. The Salvation Army says the trend of unmet goals is a nationwide one.

As of Christmas Eve morning, the Red Kettle campaign was at around 63% of its goal for the holiday a season. That means that they are around $285,000 short. The shortage in funding is scaring many, including organizations that provide meals, rental assistance, and more to residents of Linn County. Officials say they may have to cut personnel, services, or possibly both.

You can still help out the Salvation Army by sending in your donation by January 19th.


[via CBS2]

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