We want to put your family on 98.1 KHAK!

During these times of social distancing and spending unprecedented amounts of time with your immediate family, we've got something really fun for you to do. Send us a recording of your family doing the Pledge of Allegiance.

You can also send us a short recording about why you love listening to 98.1 KHAK or something a little more generic. Record em by yourself or with the family. I'll give you some examples, but first let me show you how simple it is to do it!

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How To Record and Send a Message in the KHAK App

That's it. You're done. Ok, now for ideas on what to send!

I mentioned the Pledge of Allegiance at the very beginning of the story. We'd love to hear your family doing it. Also, here are some other items you can have some fun recording.

Please keep items like these to 10 seconds or less and feel free to be creative!

Hi, this is (name) from (town) and you've got K-Hawk!

Hi, this is (name) from (town) and K-Hawk is Cedar Rapids' #1 for New Country!

This is (name) and everybody in (town) loves listening to 98-point-1 KHAK!

This is (name) from (town) and I want to win money with the Workday Payday on K-Hawk!

Hey, it's (name) from (town) and I love waking up with K-Hawk's Brain and Courtlin every morning!

Hello, it's (name) from (town) and you're in the middle of 10-in-a-row for the workday on K-Hawk!

Hi, this is (name) from (town). 10-in-a-row continues on 98-point-1 K-Hawk!

Make sure to send us your best efforts, because we'll only be airing the good ones. :) We can't wait to hear 'em! Thanks for listening and have a wonderful Easter Weekend. Be safe.

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