For years, our radio commercials for Peck's Flower and Garden Shop have said, 'growing with the Cedar Rapids area since 1956.' Now, Peck's could help lead the area to even more growth, of a very different type.

Ahmann Companies, who've already developed 'The Fountains' just southeast of the corner of Blairs Ferry and Edgewood Roads, is now proposing 'Peck's Landing.' It would be a development with restaurants and retail, covering almost 21 acres. Its location would be just north of 'The Fountains,' on the north side of Blairs Ferry Road, in Hiawatha. It would replace Peck's Flower and Garden Shop. The first phase would cover just under half of the 21 acres with construction being done over a two-year period, beginning as early as this fall.

The plans are impressive:

It's not a done-deal, yet. The Hiawatha City Council has approved the first reading for rezoning the area from Agriculture/Neighborhood Convenience to Highway Commercial. However, according to meeting notes, "final approval is contingent on the developer addressing traffic in the area." There's no timetable for those readings.

What would this mean for Peck's? Peck's Flower and Garden Shop would close, likely this fall. The Peck's landscaping business, however, would continue to operate.

'Peck's Landing' would have to be situated to allow for the future northward extension of Edgewood Road, which would eventually run on the west side of the property. If the proposal goes through, Edgewood would be extended north only enough to allow entry into the new development. The larger extension of Edgewood Road could still be years off. Hiawatha Mayor Bill Bennett told the Gazette,

We’ve acquired land and there’s a plan to extend Edgewood first to Tower Terrace and eventually to County Home Road. If it happens in 10 years that would be great, but probably more likely 10 to 15 years.”

When the full extension of Highway 100 (west and south to Highway 30) is completed, even more vehicles will have easy access to this part of Hiawatha and northeast Cedar Rapids. That, obviously, makes the area very appealing to developers.

1956 to 2017... 61 years of Peck's Flower and Garden Shop. Yes, it will be strange to drive by the corner of Blairs Ferry and Edgewood Road and not see that Peck's sign. After this year though, it looks likely that instead of getting your vegetable and flower plants at that location, you'll be thinking about what restaurant you'd like to eat it. I bet you already have some you'd like to see come to Hiawatha...


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