This story sounds like an absolute nightmare for everyone involved.

According to a recent article from KCCI, first responders were called to the Ankeny Funeral Home and Crematory back on January 3rd for a "cardiac arrest incident" that turned out to be something different entirely. Although the funeral home and the Ankeny Fire Department wouldn't give any further details on the incident, KCCI was able to get scanner audio of a first responder saying:

"Just so you know, this female was transported there deceased, and she is not. They are in the chapel, and she is on a cot."

The news source also received some tips that the woman arrived at the funeral home from a nursing home, but that information was not officially confirmed by the nursing home. There are no other details on the story at this time out of respect for the families involved.

Although this incident was probably slightly terrifying, I'm sure the family of the woman who was presumed dead is happy that their loved one is still with them. Her condition is currently unknown, but we sincerely hope that she is doing well.

This is not the first time that someone thought to be dead was found alive at a funeral home. Back in August of 2020, a 20-year-old Michigan woman named Timesha Beauchamp who had cerebral palsy was discovered alive by a funeral home worker as he was preparing to embalm her body. The New York Times reports that the Southfield woman was pronounced dead by an emergency department physician, but was never taken the medical examiner’s office afterwards, which is routine procedure. She ended up passing away just eight weeks after the incident.

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