Love him or hate him, you'll get a chance to see President Joe Biden in person next week on Tuesday, at a yet to be revealed location. This will be the first trip President Biden has made to Iowa, since becoming the 46th president of the United States according to cbs2iowa.

President Biden has not been to Iowa since Oct 30, 2020. On the last visit, he was on the campaign trail and was at an event at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, four days before Election Day, according to Des Moines Register.

I'm curious to see what the reception for President Biden is. According to Des Moines Register, 60% of Iowans disapprove of President Joe Biden's job performance. After a quick google search, there are roughly 3.9 million people in Iowa, which means around 2.4 million people are unhappy with the current administration.

Now, having millions of people dislike you comes with being the president. Personally, I have a tough time when I know two people in a room don't like me. Millions would be a nightmare.

There are conflicting reports on where the president will be stopping. The Daily Iowan says President Joe Biden will be stopping in Des Moines on Tuesday, however, CBS 2 Iowa claims the location, time, and ticket information has not been released.

Probably a safe bet President Biden will be stopping at the capital.

Biden plans to talk about his economic agenda and what his plans are to lower costs for working families, white house sources told The Des Moines Register.

In a released statement from Republican Party of Iowa Chairman, Jeff Kaufmann, he said

"I'd like to welcome Joe Biden back to Iowa, a state he lost by eight points, and where his popularity has sunk even lower today." "Iowans and Americans are worse off than they were a year ago because of Biden's out-of-touch policies and broken promises.  His policies have caused inflation to reach a 40-year high, destroyed our energy independence, pulled the rug out from under Iowa farmers, created a crisis at our Southern border, and weakened America on the world stage. Remember, the last time Joe Biden was here gas prices were roughly $1.93 a gallon. Now, they are nearing $4.00."Maybe a trip back to Iowa will be just what Joe Biden needs to understand what his reckless spending, big government policies are doing to our country."


Politics aside, whenever the President visits the state you live in, it's exciting. It puts where you live in the national news for a day or so, and creates a lot of conversation around the entire state.

If you remember correctly, The Daily Iowan states Donald Trump won 53 percent of the vote in the 2020 election. He actually won all but 6 counties in Iowa.

Knowing the numbers and how Iowans feel about President Biden, I don't envy having to talk to a state where over half of the people in it, don't like you.

Like most people I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum and the ones who don't like him, really don't like him. I've heard someone mention him possibly being "the worst president in history."

All I have to say is good luck, Mr. President.


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